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Mikroskopo kamera HD-ultra Sony sensor

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The Euromex HD-Ultra camera offer the perfect solution to modern microscopy for industry and laboratories where real time images are needed. These HD image quality camera can be used for biological, metallurgical or stereo microscopes.
High definition HD1080p CMOS color camera
with HDMI and USB-2 interfaces The camera are equipped with high sensitive sensors for low and intense light conditions and also suitable for coaxial illumination and machine vision applications.


  • HD 1080p color camera
  • Real time images directly on TV, monitor or beamer
  • ADC 16 bits, color depth 36 bits
  • Stand alone or used via PC
  • Built-in mouse-driven software
  • C-mount interface
  • HDMI, USB-2 and SD memory card
  • Compatible with ImageFocus 4 software
  • HDMI 6.0 MP CMOS high sensitive sensor

  • The real time images generated with these camera provide excellent color rendering with frame speeds up to 60 fps. All settings are done automatically and therefore very user friendly. Once connected directly to a HDMI screen, TV or beamer with HDMI input, one can use the mouse-driven onboard software of the HD-Pro to capture and save images and 1080p videos (.avi format) on the integrated SD memory card.
    A menu can be displayed right on screen, allowing the images or videos by one simple click and easy change of the camera settings. Captured images and videos can be very easily reviewed without any need of a computer
    These key properties make the cameras ideal for real time inspection, education and live demonstrations
    Camera is supplied with a C-mount and can be connected to all Euromex microscopes using optional C-mount adapters
    Users can also connect the HD-Pro camera to a computer using the USB-2 interface. The supplied ImageFocus 4 software allows more camera and image controls, annotations and measuring functions on live and captured images. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista 7, 8 and 10, both 32 and 64 bits.Also available for Mac OS, the ImageFocus 4 Lite software
    The HD-Pro 1080p cameras (ref. VC.3036) is supplied with USB-2 (A-A type) cable, USB-2 mouse, 30.0 and 30.5 mm to 23.2 mm conversion adapters for use with stereo microscopes, 1mm/100 (10μm/division) calibration slide and external power supply.
    The HD-Pro camera need a 0.35x C-mount adapter to connect them to microscopes. For microscopes with a standard 23.2 mm tube, the optional 0.35x objective for 1/3 cameras (reference DC.1326) is required. For other microscope tubes, please refer to our camera adapter guide. Supplied with ImageFocus 4 software, Window XP and higher. Also available for Mac OS, the ImageFocus 4 Lite software

    There are two ways to use the HD-Pro (ref. VC.3036) camera, computer controlled or as stand-alone system

    No need to open or start a computer or any computer knowledge to use a camera. This results in faster, more flexible and compact working conditions. Simply plug the camera to a high resolution HDMI monitor or TV and the system is ready to go. Ideal for quality control systems etc
    Although most settings are done automatically by the camera, one can use the supplied mouse to control the camera via a user retrievable on-screen menu. The mouse is connected directly to the camera. Very intuitive controls allow users to capture and save images and to record videos on the integrated SD memory card


    Users who want more camera controls and more measurements functions, can connect the camera to a computer and take benefit of the power of the Euromex ImageFocus v4 software. It runs on Windows XP, Vista 7, 8 and 10, both 32 and 64 bits and is supplied with the camera package.Also available for Mac OS, the ImageFocus 4 Lite software
    Euromex supplies free updates (see Downloads)
    Besides live imaging and measuring functions on live and captured images, the software saves images in JPG, TIFF or BMP formats or recording videos in .avi format. The software allows measurements on linear sections, angles and surfaces, and also full control over the camera parameters like manual or automatic exposure time, white balance, adjustments of brightness, contrast and saturation on live and captured images. Specific functions for fluorescence like histogram adjustments and combining captured fluorescence images are also included in ImageFocus 4 software

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